Yahoo! to the Max  : An Extreme Searcher Guide

Yahoo! To The Max : An Extreme Searcher Guide

by Randolph Hock
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232 Pages
Information Today, Inc. , 2005
Information Today, Inc.
Yahoo! has a wide range of ways to find information, communicate, invest, shop, and sell, and this book provides an overview of the popular Web portal. Details on Web searching, finding and customizing news, and using and creating discussion groups are included, as well as information on using Yahoo! for communicating with e-mail and instant messaging, buying and selling goods and services, managing personal finances and investments, and personalizing with My Yahoo!. Presented to both novice and savvy users, this resource aids in utilizing additional Yahoo! content and features for quick and easy use such as travel, health, music, weather, maps, movies, photos, and games.

\Randolph Hock is the owner of Online Strategies, a company that trains Internet researchers and creates courses on searching the web for professional associations, government agencies, schools, and businesses. He is the author of The Extreme Searcher's Guide to Web Search Engines and The Extreme Searcher's Internet Handbook, and has written for publications such as Online and The CyberSkeptic's Guide to Internet Research. He is active in the American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIST) and has been a reference librarian at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He lives in Vienna, Virginia.

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