AngularJS Programming by Example

AngularJS Programming By Example

by Agus Kurniawan
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PE Press
AngularJS is JavaScript framework to accelerate developer to build front-end web application. This book helps who want to learn AngularJS programming by providing sample code illustration.**TOC**1. Preparing Development Environment1.1 AngularJS1.2 Development Tools1.3 Hello World2. Angular Modules and Controllers2.1 Angular Modules2.2 Controllers2.3 Working with Multi Controllers2.4 Calling AngularJS Controller Data and Function from JavaScript3. Input Validation3.1 Angular Input3.2 Input Validation3.3 Disabled Button3.4 Demo4. Data Binding and Templates4.1 Basic Data Binding4.1.1 Handling Input Element4.1.2 Select Element4.1.3 Radio Button Element4.14 Date Input4.1.5 Range4.1.6 CheckBox4.1.7 Submit Button4.1.8 Output Result4.1.9 Running Application4.2 Repeating Data4.3 Nested Repeating Data4.4 Filtering5. AngularJS Services5.1 Internal AngularJS Services5.2 Custom AngularJS Services6. Interacting with Server6.1 $http Service6.2 $http get Service6.3 $http post Service7. AngularJS, PHP and MySQL7.1 AngularJS on PHP7.2 Building Database7.3 Building Back-End7.3.1 Handling CRUD7.3.2 Handling JSON7.4 Building Front-End7.4.1 Service and Controller7.4.2 HTML7.5 Testing8. AngularJS, ASP.NET MVC and SQL Server8.1 AngularJS on ASP.NET MVC8.2 Building Database8.3 Building Back-End8.3.1 Data Model and Database Access8.3.2 ASP.NET MVC Controller8.4 Building Front-End8.4.1 AngularJS Service and Controller8.4.2 ASP.NET MVC Layout8.4.3 ASP.NET MVC View with AngularJS8.5 Testing9. AngularJS, Node.js, Express and MongoDB9.1 AngularJS on Node.js and Express9.2 Building Database9.3 Initializing Project9.4 Building Back-End9.4.1 Database Access9.4.2 Node.js and Express9.5 Building Front-End9.5.1 AngularJS Service and Controller9.5.2 HTML9.6 Deployment9.7 Testing10. AngularJS, Node.js and Socket.io10.1 and Node.js10.2 Initializing Project10.3 Building Back-End10.3.1 Generating Stock Data10.3.2 Node.js and Socket.io10.4 Building Front-End10.4.1 AngularJS Controller10.4.2 Building HTML10.5 Deployment10.6 Testing

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