Issues in Cost Accounting for Health Care Organizations

Issues In Cost Accounting For Health Care Organizations

by Steven A. Finkler , David Marc Ward
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Jones & Bartlett Learning , 1999
Jones & Bartlett Learning
7) Predicting future costs. Finkler S.A.: Regression-based cost estimation and variance analysis. Ahrens J.: The learning curve and the health care industry. 8) Barry P.S.: The financial evolution of hospitals and the zero-base budget approach. Cortes T.A.: Zero-based budgeting for a radiology service: A case study in outsourcing. Finkler S.A.: Developing and using a budget manual. Outcome budgeting shifts focus to meeting objectives. Flexible budgeting allows for better management of resources as needs change. 9) Flexible budgeting and variance analysis. Kropf R.: Physician cost variance analysis under DRG's. Holswade S.M. and Vogel D.P.: A contemporary approach to budget variance analysis: A pharmacy application. Finkler S.A.: Rolling budgets and variance reports. Skantz T.R.: Statistical cost control: A tool for financial managers. 10) Management control. Suver J.D.: Competitive pricing models for intra-hospital services. Grazier K.L. Transfer pricing in the hospital HMO corporation. 11) Cost accounting ratios. Finkler S.A.: Ratio analysis: Use with caution. Zeller T.L., Stanko B.B.: Hospital industry cash flow ratio analysis: A sufficiency and efficiency perspective. Lam M.Y.: Ratio analysis for the development office of health care institutions. 12) Measuring productivity. Margulies N., Duval J.F.: Productivity management: A model for participative management in health care organizations. 13) Inventory. Turner S.M., Lopiensky K., Gammon R., Broderick R.: Inventory management system reaps savings for department. 14) Dealing with uncertainty. Chalfin D.B.: Decision analysis and capital budgeting: Application to the delivery of critical care services. Finkler S.A.: Expected value technique useful in HMO negotiations. Rosenberg J.L. Decision making under uncertainty: A linear programming approach. 15) Information systems for costing. Keegan A.J.: Saving money throughout the cost accounting installation cycle. Stephenson R.C.: Cost accounting software design.

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